Earl de Blonville FRGS™


Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 1984.

Earl de BlonvilleIn 2012 Earl was selected by Australia's premier business magazine BRW as one of Australia's top six leadership thinkers. He is a speaker with over 35 years experience and a consultant who has created high value outcomes across a range of sectors, scenarios and situations. Earl is a down-to-earth and creative practitioner, and a gifted communicator with a wry sense of humour who thrives on interaction with a wide range of audiences and clients.

His news is challenging; some will find it confronting. And his big picture insights will astound you. Earl's doctoral research has identified three extraordinary leadership challenges that are coming our way and can't be avoided: big ones that MBA schools are ignoring. He reveals how they will change the way that future leadership is understood and practiced. As an invited speaker this year in Denmark, France, Germany and Romania, his talks on 'future leadership shock' included two future-focused academic conferences, inspiring European and international audiences alike. Earl offers all audiences easy to grasp insights on what will rock global leadership and what can be done now to prepare for it, whatever the sector: business, government or non-profit.

Leadership is much more than a theory for Earl. He offers unforgettable insights drawn from 25 years of expedition field leadership, more than a decade of C-Suite leadership coaching, and some surprises from his global leadership research. His extraordinary stories of historical and contemporary field leadership, including his own extreme Arctic experience, reveal how leadership really works under the kind of pressures we will increasingly experience in tomorrow's exciting world of chaotic global transition.

Earl made his name as an explorer in 1986 leading Australia's first expedition to the Arctic, with the Prince of Wales as patron and Lord Shackleton as a key advisor. Earl's dramatic leadership experiences in Greenland have generated widespread print and broadcast media, an internationally released documentary film, a successful Australian art exhibition, and inspired his acclaimed leadership book "Seventh Journey".

Earl divides his time between Australia and Europe where his current research, speaking and consulting are focused.